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"I feel in love with the mountains": feedbacks on EcoTrail Funchal Madeira-Island

Charlotta, Ana & Michaël had run the last edition of EcoTrail Funchal Madeira-Island

Charlotta is 46, Swedish & won the 85k. Ana is 46, Portuguese & ran the 15k. Michael is 40, Belgian & ran the 85k. 

What did you choose to run the EcoTrail Funchal Madeira-Island?

Charlotta: “I went to Madeira a few years ago and fell in love with the mountains and the trails”

Ana: “I choose this EcoTrail for the extraordinary view”

Michaël: “I would like to experience mountains trail & over all to run an EcoTrail. I ran the EcoTrail Brussels in 2017 & I enjoyed the organization and the concept” 

What's your best memory on the race?

Charlotta: “Since this race was a big challenge for me, feeling strong the last 20k is my best memory”

Ana: “The friendship we make in the race”

Michaël: “There is a lot of things! Landscapes of course but also the great organization and volunteers’ smile!”

What's your prefered part of the course?

Charlotta: “I loved it all, but I specifically remember the part between 52 and 59k [between Terreiro Frexo and Pico Buxo]"

Ana: “Near to the sea”

Michaël: “I love it all but the landscape of Camara de Lobos curral das Fieras was breathtaking”

Could you sum up your experience in one word?

Charlotta: “Wonderful” / Ana: “Different” / Michaël: “Unforgettable”

If you have one, what's your next EcoTrail challenge?

Charlotta: "I really would like to run in Reykjavik this summer, the 82k race”

Ana: “The 30km next year! I want to do more than this year!”

Michaël: “I will run the 80k of EcoTrail Paris!”.