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Trail running comes to city!

Here are some key parts along the route of Ecotrail Oslo: 

HOLMENKOLLBAKKEN. Oslo is not known for skyscrapers. But we do have a ski jumping hill! Holmenkollbakken, it is. Norway's biggest tourist attraction, and probably the world's most famous ski jumping hill.  It is also the oldest one still in use. It has a capacaity of 70 000 spectators.  The hill/construction has been rebuilt 19 times since 1892 – the last time for the World Cup in 2011. The budget broke by 4400 percent and ended at just under 2 billion Norwegian Kroner. Just for your information. 

The current construction is designed by Belgian-Danish JDS Architects. But did you know that it is possible to rent an apartment at the top?

Our trail for 80 and 50 km goes around the pit and right below the tower.
Holmenkollbakken. Photo by Marit Karlsen
(Photo: Marit Karlsen)