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One of the biggest independent organization of nature protection in the world

What is WWF?

It is one of the biggest independent organization of nature protection in the world. They are known for their scientific and constructive approach that leads them to always chose cooperation and discussion. The objective of this NGO is to save endangered species, safeguard the ecosystem, reduce the ecological footprint and promote the energy transition through their actions.

What actions have been taken?

WWF operates all around the world to protect the environment. This translates into communication actions to talk with populations and raise awareness about the way they consume and the impact it can have on the environment.
The organization is also present in sport events to promote the importance of respecting the environment and implementing eco-responsible charters in major events. Roland-Garros, Le Tour de France, Paris 2024, UTMB® or the EcoTrail® Paris all belong to the exclusive club of organizations sponsored by WWF!

WWF on the EcoTrail®


WWF is currently in a partnership with the EcoTrail® Paris and the EcoTrail® Oslo. Both sides already agree on the same values of environment protection and sustainable development.  With eco-responsibility at the core of the discussion in this combination of sports and awareness-raising among participants, the partnership is already paying off!